I've seen this on quite a few blogs, so, since I am still bored, figured "why not?" It's totally random, though....pure stream-of-thought posting!


100 Things about me:



 1. Widowed with 2 young children


 2. Horse-crazy


 3. Like big dogs


 4. Not clinically insane (yet...the dogs and kids are working on it!)


 5. Like working with hands


 6. Creative


 7. Love the written word


 8. Favorite color: Green


 9. Prefer jewel-tones to pastels


10. Love peace and quiet (in this household??)


11. Like folk/Ren music


12. Hate housework


12a. Except vacuuming - my Dyson is awesome!!


13. Love the smell of leather


14. Fresh hay makes me sneeze


15. Garlic is a vegtable, NOT a herb!


16. Will eat Mexican or Italian every night if offered


17. Chocolate is food of the gods!


18. Coffee makes me sick - even the scent (*gasp* sacrilege!)


19. Kilts.....yes, please!


20. Bagpipes...(sigh)


21. Love tallships - especially the Elissa


22. Love to spend time in the mountains


24. Am always cold


25. Am kinestethic (ie, touchy-feely)


26. A Grammer god *g*


27. Love History...especially British


28. Admire antiques, but not to collect (not in this house!)


29. Enjoy interior painting


30. Especially faux-finishing


31. Am a pack-rat


32. Tend to collect stuff for my hobbies, whether I need it or not


33. Love the smell of raw, fresh-sheared fleece


34. Except the un-skirted ones


35. Wet Horse is a wonderful smell


36. Wet Dog is NOT


37. Fresh milled sweet feed tastes wonderful (grab the milk!)


38. Alfalfa pellets do not (ick!)


39. Am the office fix-it person, especially with spreadsheets and the copier


40. Have fallen asleep while spinning


41. And still made usuable yarn!


42. Love using my Kubota tractor


43. But, must wear my tiara when mowing


44. Chocolate covered cherries are one of my weaknesses


45. Cheesecake is another


46. Handmade soap is the best


47. Like to cook, especially lasagna


48. Keep volunteering for stuff at church


49. Love to spend time on a beach


50. But not chasing kids into the ocean


51. Like looking at catalogs


52. Prefer to buy online or in real life


53. Am an Alden Amos junkie


54. And there are no 7-step programs for him!


55. Unequivacable yarn snob


56. Except for kids clothes, which get drug around and outgrown too quickly


57. Love to shop at Thrall-Mart


58. Which is good, since it's just about the only game in town


59. Not a social butterfly


60. Hate reunions


61. Not a social drinker


62. Not a tee-totaler, either


63. Hate sports, except Equestrian


64. Don't watch TV, except for PBS


65. Star Wars rules!!!


66. Star Trek, not so much so.


67. Plays violin (10 years serious study)


68. Trying to teach myself Harp


69. Has illusions of being considered a Bard


70. Has thought about joining the Bardic Guild, but feel like a phony right now


71. Am a card-carrying Wench (IWG #2541, MCL!)


72. Love spontaneous gifts, especially flowers


73. Prefer plants to cut flowers, actually - they last longer


74. Love roses - have a rose garden started at the house


75. Like to dig in dirt


76. Value my friendships


77. Like to keep problems to myself, mostly


78. Enjoy watching my children grow


79. Love rainy days


80. Hate Thunderstorms (especially tornados and hurricanes!)


81. Like to play in snow (but it's too cold!)


82. Prefer Birkenstocks to any other type of shoe


83. Except for my Catskill Mountain Boots - they rock!


84. Intimidated by my sewing machine and serger


85. Hate Hate HATE spiders


86. Love comedy movies


87. Hate Barney and Teletubbies videos


88. The Wiggles aren't much better


89. Have a greenhouse I use for dyeing wool (the dogs ate the veggies I had growing...so what do you do?)


90. Did I mention I HATE spiders?


91. Have a hard time thinking of this sort of stuff


92. Like to sing


93. Hate to be in the center of attention, would rather be in the back row


94. Like doing things for other people


95. Prefer to just give things away instead of selling them (too much work!)


96. Am still bored at work


97. Love to learn new things, explore new worlds, boldly go...wait. That's copyrighted!!;


98. Love fantasy/sci-fi books, and Historicals. (Romantic or not)


99. Drink lots of water


100. Really, really, really Hate spiders!



Bet you learned a lot, huh?