A lot of folks are interested in the, for lack of a better word, stuff I am painting on some of my walls. I've got the concept on 3 rooms - the laundry room, the Master Bath, and the kids' Bath. Here's where I'll post the pics of them.



Here's what I've done in some of the rooms of the house. Mostly lots of color; some faux finishes.


Master Bedroom - I like the way it turned out!    Slightly different view of the bedroom.


Spot where the kitchen meets the family room and breakfast area - I love all the colors!    Another shot of the kitchen - do ya think I like sheep?


This color is called Adobe Clay - a very intense terracotta    The family room - terra cotta and the sandstone faux finish



Here is the concept sketch of the laundry room. I was inspired by Tomie dePaola's book Charlie Needs A Cloak, but the drawings are all mine, done freehand.


The sketch; a blueprint if you will    Same sketch; a different view


And, here's the wall in progress:


Door going from the laundry room into the garage    Part of the clothesline    Closeup of the sheep


It's going to be very hard to get a picture of the completed wall - my laundry room is not that big!


So, I'm taking it in pieces....from the top of the washer and dryer. Very uncomfortable...but it's the only way to get pictures! *ahem* Here's an update on the progress:


Mr. Sheepie is finished!    Err, my Victorian sensibilities were shocked, so....he's no longer nekkid    Don't know if you can see the sparkle here - it's adds a bit of 'just out of the bath' to it


More sock goodness


The wall is finished!!!! Here are the last pictures:


Fresh from the bath...    Lots and lots of bubbles....    Wonder what the evil bunny has in mind......


More sock goodness    A shot so you can get a feel for the size of my laundry room..they are pretty close together


I've now begun the kids' bathroom. We discussed it, and they decided they wanted a "fish" bathroom. So...........fish it is! These fish are loosely based on the Rainbow Fish drawings - but mine are nowhere near as beautiful!


I skipped the whole concept sketch this time, and went straight to the wall. Here it is after 2 hours or so (I used a pencil first to place the stuff, then went wild with the paint):


Near the floor - the     More of the same    Next to the bathtub


Again, it's going to be very hard to get a picture of the completed wall - the space just isn't conducive to a whole view shot.


So, again I'm taking it in pieces....use your imagination to visualize the whole thing. Oh, and this one will cover all 4 walls by the time I'm finished - I've only just started on this wall 'cause it is the biggest!:


Here we go with the fishies    More fishies....    These were supposed to be small fishies......they wanted to be big.


This one's up near the ceiling....it's based on Caitlyn's goldfish


This is the wall with the door in it - it's kinda awkward, but is turning out rather nicely, I think.


Here's looking at you, kid!    *very* awkward, but oh, so cute!


Here's the wall with the sink and toilet, and the wall over the tub.


Swimming up over the toilet    Arrrrgh, Mateys! There's buried treasure in dem dere bathrooms!    Over the towel rack..


This one's up over the bathtub.


AND....I give you full color! All that's left to do is the water-y background, but I'm not quite sure which way I'm going to go with it just yet. I also want to state that I am working with 6 colors of paint here, so I'm doing a lot of mixing. Think I need to go get more paint....


Here we go with the fishies in full, technicolor! This one is loosely based on Caitlyn's goldfish    Loosely (very loosely) based on Ian's betta    He's in the process of turning around, for some reason


The area under the betta-fish, next to the bathtub    I dunno, some sort of angelfish, maybe?    Under the angelfishy


Fish in between the vanity and the door.....very interesting to paint!    Here's an interesting shell - I thought it'd look neat     The color didn't come out - he's a rich plum-y color, with blue fins.  Admiring himself in the mirror, apparantly


AND I give you the finished wall!!!! Water and all!! Insert Happy Dance here - I am finished with the fishies!! Some of the colors are off a bit...but you've seen them before. There's also no comments - just how much can you say about fish, anyway??










On July 18, 2005, I fell and broke my left wrist. (Let's just say that it was a series of unanticipated mistakes that happened simultaneously; I emerged battered but OK, there were no casualties, and the canine uprising was quelled.) Not wanting to live with a boring, solid green cast (they don't make tie-dye, can you imagine?) I had my Mother-In-Law jazz it up:


Top of the cast - the color is not quite right    The color is better here. There are 6 sheep in all - the bottom is the same as the top, just facing the opposite direction



Here's a dresser I got from Freecycle. It's ugly, but I wanted it to store my quilting fabrics in. Ugly, I can deal with:


Big. Ugly.  We need to get to work!    Here it is, in all it's...glory?


Once I decided on what I wanted, I went to work. The whole thing, discounting drying time, took maybe *3* hours. Tops.


I primed the top in flat black acrylic - 2 coats.  The bottom is actually a 1 coat paint - Walnut.    Here's how I prepared the paint for the top - I marbleized it.  Basically, I squirted a little dark green, a little more light green, even more white, and a bunch of thickener on the plate, then sponged it on the top.    Here's what it looked like after sponging


Here's the full effect:

Still Big. Not Ugly anymore!    Here's another shot - full length


Here it is with the drawers in    A closeup - I veined it with a goosefeather, then went back with a damp sponge and softened it.

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