One of my other hobbies is knitting socks. I just can't seem to get enough socks! Handmade ones last longer than commercial ones, and you can make them fit your foot exactly - as one person put it, 'it's like wearing whipped cream on your feet'.  

Unfortunately, I can't knit on teeny-tiny sock needles - my wrists don't like it. Oh, my, what to do?


Simple - I bought an antique sock-knitting machine. With it, I can crank out a pair of socks in an hour (including turning the heel!) Almost instant sock-gratification! It's a Legare, manufactured in Canada around 1924. Still works great, even the ribber! (The ribber tends to give a lot of people fits - my DH threatened mine, and it works great now.)


Here's a couple of pictures of mine - it's a bit dusty, but it works! I need to finish the sock that's on's been there for over 2 years!


Picture of my restored Circular Sock Machine    Same CSM, different angle


You can find CSM's on Ebay, but it's buyer-beware. Most of the sellers don't really know what they have, and can't guarantee it'll knit. If the crank moves the cylinder, they feel that it works. (I wish!) They also don't always have the correct needles for that particular model - they don't all use the same needles. It's better to get one thru a knitter - there are quite a few out there!

I got mine from Pat Fly in Washington. Great tech. support (I needed it!) and a wonderful machine! You can also go to one of the sock machine sites; I like Bonnie Smola's site (home of the CSM Newsletter) and the Sockmachine site run by John L. There's a lot of others, too.


Here's a link to the page with most of the socks I've cranked out: Socks


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