I mention my dogs a lot, both in my journal and in my posts to my lists. So, since so many people are curious, I decided to set them up their own webpage. (Yes, they are spoiled!)


Here's a shot of both kids with Lucy, our female Pyr. Lucy is the tallest of the 2 Pyrs. Also a shot of Bailey, the male Pyr:

See the big doggie, mama!    Bailey, the wonder dog! No brains, just lots of love


All of our canine population came from Rescue Groups. Bailey was an owner release (he got too big, can you imagine?), Lucy...well, we were her last shot. She *has* to be the alpha. Her adopted family were also foster parents for the Pyr Group, and it just didn't work. We were a pretty good fit.


And then, there's the Zoey-monster (Irish Wolfhound, 100%).......:


*BIG* dog.  She was 13 months old here    Another shot of the big lug - same day


And, just for reference, the kids with Zoey....she is approximately 15 months old here, Ian is 4 and Caitlyn is 7. Zoey is sitting down:


Can we ride her, Mom?


Here's one of her and Ian, taken August 19, 2004. They were being silly:


Look at me, Mommy! Take our picture!


Zoey was also an owner release...seems she has an abnormally high play drive for a Wolfhound. My kids don't think so....

As of right now (Aug. 18, 2004), she has grown even more. Her head is a little bit taller than Ian's, and she can look *down* at the dining room table. Nothing is safe any more.....


Here's a shot of her as of Aug. 18 - you still don't get a feeling for her *size*...but at least this is a bit more current.


What an innocent face, huh?


And, just to give you a feeling for her sheer mass, here are a few more. Yes, I *have* gotten camera happy in the last few days!


Yes, that is a standard dining room table.    I just yelled at her for trying to clear off the bar (42 inches)



Who, me? Get into the trash? Whatever gave you that idea?



These 3 were taken Feb. 13, 2005. Ummm, the pictures speak for themselves, I think (Caitlyn took the 2 full view shots. She's becoming quite the photographer!):


I guess I looked like a pillow or something.    Need I say more?  *I* was trying to take a quick nap!


Here's a face only a mother (or IW Lover!) could love!


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