Whee! Foaling season of 2005 has started off with a bang! My lovely Erynne has presented us with a bouncing baby boy!


Here's a shot of both Mom and baby. He's a cutie!

New baby - he was maybe 6 hours old here.


He's got that wonderful Arabian Head:


I can see his sire's influence here, especially in the ears    A drop of Egyptian goes a *long* way!


Here's a couple of "couldn't help myself" shots - 1 with Ian, 1 without:


Look, Ma!  He's my size! (And no, it wasn't cold outside - I told Ian to get a jacket, and he grabbed his parka.  Whatever!)    Do you have any idea how exhausting it is being this cute?


These pictures were taken in my down-the-street neighbor's backyard. My pastures are imitating swamps right now, and she was nice and offered us the space. There's even a shed for them if it gets too cold/wet. I *love* my neighbors!


Here's Finn at 4 days old. Yes, we've decided on a "barn" name...Registered name is still up for grabs. I'm working on it!


Ooooh, yeah - right *there*!    Isn't he cute?



Are you looking at ME?    It's *so* heavy!



It's a bit big, ya think?



I thought 2005 started with a bang - it had NOTHING on 2006!


On January 8, 2006, Magic presented me with an "oops" foal - she's Dusty's daughter. Oh, well - he seems healthy and is cute as can be. We're calling him "Puff", since a puff of air can (and has!) knock him over.


Here's a couple of shots of Mom and baby:


He was barely 30 minutes old when I found him - he's about 8 hours old here.    He finally figured out the whole milk bar thing!.


Oh, the green blanket? I whipped it up in about 20 minutes. It was 80 degrees today, but the nights still tend to get very cold (it was right at 50 this morning when I found him). I figured he needed a blanket. (It was right at 70 when these pictures were taken, but the wind had picked up - it was a *very* cold wind)


A shot of his wonderful Arabian Profile (I guess inbreeding is good for something!)(Oh, and that's not me in the picture - it's my Mom. I was the one behind the camera!):


He's got daddy's ears, and a beautiful dish!  Too bad he's for sale!


Here's a couple of shots of him napping (he did that a lot today):


Yeah, I know - but I didn't want to make him attempt to get up just for a picture!    Gotta catch up on my beauty sleep!


This is the only foal we're expecting in 2006. Moonie was in foal (and I had NO idea - she didn't show, and was still teasing Dusty), but unfortunatly the foal died shortly after birth. I'm not sure if he was kicked, or if he was genetically defective - I didn't get an autopsy as money is very tight. We'll be breeding Erynne and Moonie this we'll see.

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