Studio Clean-out Sale



Here it is, the start of 2008, and I started the year out my studio, repainting it, and reorganizing it. I have come to the realization that I can NOT use all this equipment I've squirreled away, and it really needs to go to a home where it'll be used. So, without further ado, here's a list of the stuff that needs to go:


A Structo 4S Table loom. 20" Weaving width (or thereabouts :smile:) Not sure of the age, but it's at least 30 years old. Works - I wove 4 scarves on it for gifts this year - but I find it too....small for my weaving practices (I prefer to put on LONG warps, so I can spend more time *weaving* and less time planning.) I've managed to squeeze on 5 yards of warp before, but 3 to 3.5 is probably a better fit. In good shape - still a lot of weaving left in this loom! Comes with 2 reeds (8 dent and 12 dent), and a LeClerc Treadle stand to convert it to a "floor" loom.


Ancient Structo table loom - 4H.


The treadle stand is a LeClerc, and was made for a 22" table loom. The Structo is only 20", so I made a "spacer" to make the loom fit. The only modifications I made were to the loom, and all I did was drill 2 holes on the bottom of the loom. The treadles make it faster to weave on, but they will come off with no problems, and you can use the loom as a standard table loom if you prefer:


A good look at the treadle stand - it converts the loom to a 4H/6T floor loom


$300 for the loom, the stand, and the extra reed


LeClerc Dorothy 15.75", 12S table loom. I bought this loom new about 6 years ago, and have honestly not used it much. (In fact, I've only used the first 4S - how pathetic is that? :grin:) I think this loom has had 10 projects woven off of it - at the most (and the majority of them were done by my son, now 7). I had a table specially made for it to sit on, since it is too long to fit on my end table; the table sets the loom at a good height to weave from while sitting on my couch. (The legs can be replaced with longer ones if necessary). These looms are selling for $935 new; I'd like $500.


LeClerc 12H table loom, 15 3/4 inches weaving width


I don't have a picture of the table, but I can take one if necessary. It's about the same height as a standard end table, so not tall enough to put a chair under, if that helps. :grin:

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