We currently are home to 3 Arabian Mares, 1 Arabian Stallion, 1 Arabian colt (born 3/3/05!) and a blind paint pony. These are the current photos - I'm trying to get new ones!


Here's my oldest broodmare, FrostedLuckyCharm (Frosty), her full sister, Charming Legacy (Magic), and DW Zamounigha (Moonie):




Magic is the one in front, with the front sock. She's 5. Frosty has the short sock in back (she was 10 here), and Moonie has 4 socks (she's 8).

Frosty and Magic are homebred (BH Seven DaaStar X BH Charmination); Moonie (Zajhar X Playmate of Pico) is our newest arrival. She's from Desert Weyr Arabians in Paonia, CO. We're hoping for good foals from all 3 this year


Here's Frosty and Moonie - Frosty was a bit of a grump!


Frosty and Moonie


And here's a shot of Magic's head, with Moonie in the background:


Magic & Moonie



Sadly, Frosty passed away in 2002 in a tragic breeding accident. The breeder was kind enough to let me buy one of her precious fillies, not to replace Frosty, but to help me heal. Her name is Erynne:



Sorry the picture isn't better!

I don't have any good shots of our stallion, BH Seven DaaStar (Dusty - Golden Star X Daabi) - the really good ones are on 35mm. But, here's a slightly blurry one from the digicam:

My Studmuffin


Sorry the picture isn't better!




AND, we have a new addition! To see the 2005 foals (well, so far only 1, but I can hope, yes?) click here!



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