I am fiber addict. Totally and completely addicted to fibers of all types - wool, silk, cotton, it doesn't matter. I have to have it. And it all started so innocently, too...


My late husband bought me an inkle loom as an engagement present (and people wondered why I stuck with him?) Then he gave me a 24" Harrisville Loom as a wedding gift. One year later, he bought me an Ashford Traveller Spinning wheel ....now, 4 wheels, 3 looms,2 inkle looms, a bunch of spindles, and lots of fiber later, I needed a new house to keep all of it! (Although, that's not the real reason I had a house built *g*)


I've even gotten the kids involved - my daughter is working on learning to weave and knit, and my son is quite the little weaver (since Sept 04)! Isn't life grand? I bought a Structo Table loom so both kids would have a loom, but so far only he's gotten into it - she'll weave, but not constantly.


So, pull up a chair, break out your spinning, knitting or weaving, grab a drink and stay awhile!



I've been updating the pages sporadically, so feel free to browse! All my craft-y stuff is under the Fiber Studio, so it's more organized. The rest of it...well, enjoy the adventure! The sheepies will be happy to show you around...but keep 1 hand on your wallet at all times. *g* Oh, and watch out for the rabbit...he's twisted! *vbg*



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