I'm slowly getting pictures of things for this page. Most of the stuff is made of handspun - if I don't say, then assume that I spun it! *g*


This is the Irish Diamond Shawl from the Interweave book "Folk Shawls". The yarn is sweater-weight - I wanted a nice, cushy, comfy shawl (You can see the yarn on the yarn page). You can't really see the colors, but it is looking a lot like a fair-isle sweater. Sweet!


shawl in progress



Here it is in all it's glory:

shawl finished

I wish the camera had caught the colors better - it's a bit darker than this, and the colors are just beautiful!



And here's a close up of the lace patterning:

Detail of shawl



And here it is being worn:

shawl on


This is the Victorian Aran Weight Shawl from Elann. The pattern called for (duh) Aran weight; I spun up some Chasing Rainbows silk Roving in laceweight - I wanted an elegant, dressy shawl. I entered it in the 2007 County Fair...and got Best in Category!


Picture of the shawl, after the fair    closeup shot of the patterning    Full view, on the back of the sofa




Here's my brother's dog, Speck, wearing the Dogasaurus Rex sweater by Patons.....the sweater turned out a wee bit short in the back, but he's still cute:


Fearless guard dog!  He'll nip your ankles in you're not careful...    Too big for his britches, maybe?


Here's the Sheep Sweater I did from North Island Yarns - I won the kit off of Ebay. The yarn was nice, but nothing special...one of these days I'll spin the yarn and do another one. It was my very first attempt at intarsia - not too bad. Wool is very forgiving!


The Sheep Sweater! It's about 2 years old here    Another shot - can you see the cables up the bottom?


Here's a shot of my first interpretation of the tractor sweater from Family Circle Easy Knitting - I substituted a different cotton yarn than what was called for. I also discovered I *hate* knitting cotton! I can't remember the yarn brand; it's lasted almost 2 years, though!


Front of the tractor sweater - I messed up the wheels big time!    Back of the sweater - I did the corn field fair-isle style instead of intarsia


Here's a bunch of hats that I've done....I need to get started on this years hat collection, I think - we've had a cool summer.


My late husband wanted a large, floppy tam, and he picked out the roving for it.    Ian's hat - the pattern is Irish Mists, and I got it off of the internet


Caitlyn's hat - an interpretation of Irish Mists.  Her name is patterned in purl stitches    My SIL's hat - she likes red.  Hope this is red enough for her! (It's some of the 'Beast' yarn, and took the dye wonderfully!


Very first hat I ever made - it's 4 years old, and still fits Ian! The roving is from Serenity Thrums from Spinderlla.    Hat knitted out of the Shetland Yarn.  This is from the yarn leftover from the Rambling Rose Scarf (on the handwovens page)    This yarn was spun at various demos in 2004/2005.  A clan cousin kept commenting on it, so I knitted him a tam out of it.


Daycare lady's hat - She saw Ian's finished hat, and tried to steal it.  So, I made her one of her own.  Handspun alpaca/lambswool from Autumn House Farms roving    MY hat - a simple watch cap.  The yarn is the test batch for my Irish Diamond Shawl


Ian's hat from 2005 - a plain watch cap, from yarn spun from *his* roving.  Roving from Blue Moon Fibers here in Waco, TX.    Hat knit for my other SIL up in KY.  It's from the beast yarn; I knit it, then dunked the whole thing in a purple dyepot.  It's...PURPLE!    Caitlyn saw this roving, and *had* to have it..when I spun it up, she started demanding something out of it.  Thus, this hat


Hat for Ian's Godmother's infant son.  Knit from Lion Brand Homespun.    Other side of same hat.  The colors sure are bright!    My FIL's 2005 Christmas present.  He chose the roving (from Autumn House Farm); I spun it and knitting into his tam.



We can't forget mittens, can we? Don't want our fingers to get cold while the rest of us is toasty warm!


I call these my Monet mittens - Caitlyn picked out the dye colors, and the roving was domestic wool    My mittens, spun from a roving by Mountain Colors


These are knit from the same yarn as Ian's 2005 hat.    A fingerless glove, for my poor, wonky left wrist.  Knit from yarn spun from another Autumn House roving - this one alpaca/silk/wool.  Same yarn as one of the tams I made for Steve.


As soon as I find Ian's mittens from 2003/4, I'll get them posted - they are made from the same yarn as his Irish Mists hat.



Here's scarves and shawls and misc. knitting. Some of this is stuff that doesn't fit any where else.


This is unfinished - I pulled the needles out to use them for something else, and never got back to it..I do love how the kool-aid colors blend here!    Simple garter stitch scarf, out of commercial yarn.  It won a 1st place at the 2007 County Fair


And, just for fun, I present: The Vegan Fox, from a pattern posted on Knitty back in early 2003 (I think!)...I ordered the yarn kit from them, because I just had to have one!


My vegan fox - isn't he too cute?!.    Closeup of his cute li'l face...

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