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Besides being addicted to fiber, I'm also into horses. We are currently owned by 4 pureblood Arabians, and 1 paint pony. My children think *they* own the pony - they'll learn the truth in a few years - the pony owns them!


I also set up a page for the dogs, since so many people are curious about them. We are at critical mass now - 2 Great Pyreenes and 1 Irish Wolfhound. OOF! Lots of dog, there! I guess I shouldn't have super-sized my canine order, huh?


Here's a photo of each of the kidlets, at Halloween, 2003:

Caitlyn as a Unicorn    Ian as Ord from 'DragonTales'

My 2 little spooks - Halloween 2003



Here's a picture of Caitlyn taken at 2003's North Texas Irish Festival - she *had* to have her face painted!

Her favorite movie was CATS, can you tell?



Here's a more recent photo - this was taken right before Easter, 2004. We were on our way to the Four Winds Ren Faire in Tyler:


My 2 little Ren Geeks! Aren't they cute?


I am relatively active in Clan McClellan's Regional activities - I am a State Convener. Whoo Hoo - it means I get to go to the Highland Games and sit in the tent trying to attract new members...not too difficult, especially in a corset....

The Clan at the Arlignton Games in June, 2003 - I'm in the green corset bodice!



And, just because no one ever believes me when I say it does, in fact, snow in Texas:


February 4, 2004 - yes, that IS snow!


For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in music. I played the violin forever, but due to CTS can't play anymore. I'm trying to teach myself to play the's the 2 I have:


This is my large folk harp - 36 strings, fully levered, wonderful tone.  If I could only play it!    This is my lap harp - 22 strings, fully levered, made out of cherry. Cute little thing, and nice tone, too!


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